Drinks - Bottles & Glasses Cookie cutters

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Beer Bottle Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5")
Beer Tankard Cookie cutter - 9cm (3.5")
Champagne Bottle Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5")
Champagne Flute Cookie cutter - 12cm (5")
Margarita Glass Cookie cutter - 10cm (4")
Martini Glass Cookie cutter - 10cm (4")
Mason Jar Cookie cutter - 10cm (4")
Milk Bottle Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5")
Science Beaker Cookie cutter- 9cm (3.5")
Wine Glass Cookie cutter- 10cm (4 ")
Cookie cutters, Biscuit cutters, great for cutting pastry and dough into shapes for decorating cupcake, cakes and pies. Perfect for gifts, parties, birthdays and celebrations. Can be used to cut cake sponge to make great cakes.Also Clay and other similar craft materials too!
Metal cookie cutter with folded top edge
Sizes are approximate
Hand wash