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Mini Embossed Wooden Rolling Pins

Wooden Rolling Pins

Mini size rolling pins tip of handle to tip of handle 23cm (9.1")

Beautifully embossed, engraved patterns for use with cookie & biscuit dough

You can even imprint the pattern on to icing which can then be used to decorate cakes.

Use with pastry to make great pie tops.

Can be used with clay or similar crafting materials for creating patterns.

Lots of designs to choose. 

Christmas Trees Rolling pin, Happy Birthday Rolling pin, Oak Rolling pin

Gingerbread Rolling pin, Defender Rolling pin, Tractor Rolling pin

Poultry Rolling pin, Labrador Rolling pin, Pointer Rolling pin

100% Vegan motif Rolling pin, Apples Rolling pin, Eggs Rolling pin,

Dachshund Rolling pin, Whippet Rolling pin, Paws Rolling pin,

Strawberries Rolling pin, Flowers Rolling pin, Honey and Bees Rolling pin