Drinks - Tea & Coffee Cookie cutters

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Tea Cup Cookie cutter - 9cm (3.5")

Tea Pot Cookie cutter - 9.5cm (3.75")

Vintage Tea Cup Cookie cutter - 7.5cm (3")

Vintage Tea Pot Cookie cutter - 9.5cm (3.75")

Coffee Pot Cookie cutter - 7cm (2.75")

Coffee, Latte Travel Mug Cookie cutter- 10cm (4")

Mug Cookie cutter - 9cm (3.5")

Tea Cookie cutters, biscuit cutter, pastry and dough cutters. Perfect for making great cookies and biscuits, can also be used to make decorations for cupcakes and large cakes. Great for making Mothers Day gifts, birthday presents, parties and celebrations. Can be used to cut cake sponge to make great cakes. Also clay and other similar craft materials to make gifts.

Metal cookie cutter with folded top edge

Sizes are approximate

 Hand Wash