Beachwear Holiday Themed Cookie Cutters

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Beachwear Cookie cutters

Swim Trunks Cookie cutter 7.5cm (3")

Bikini Top Cookie cutter 9cm (3.5")

Bikini Bottom Cookie cutter 10.5cm (4.25")        

Sunglasses Cookie cutter 9cm (3.5")                         

Flip Flop Cookie cutter  10cm (4")                                

Surf Board Cookie cutter 13cm (5") 

New Beach Towel Cookie cutter 7cm (2.75")

Bikini Top B Cookie cutter 9cm (3.75")

Bikini Bottom B Cookie cutter 9cm (3.75")  

Swim Costume A Cookie cutter 10cm (4")

Swim Costume Frilly B Cookie cutter  9cm (3.75")

Holiday, Beach and Swimming Themed cookie and biscuit cutter. Metal with folded top. Perfect for making shaped biscuits, cutting sliced bread to make interesting sandwiches or cake sponge. Can be used with clay and other craft materials. Perfect for taking to picnics, parties and celebrations. Great gifts


Measurements are at the longest point and are approximate

Hand wash