Sea Life Crabs & Lobsters Cookie cutters

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Crab Cookie cutter - 10cm (4")

Large Crab-Cookie cutter -  12cm (5") 

Large RED crab Cookie cutter (poly resin coated) - 12cm (5")

Lobster Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5") 

Large RED Lobster Cookie cutter  (poly resin coated) - 15cm (6")

Great sea shaped cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, pastry cutters. Make amazing cookies & biscuits for your family & friends. Great for taking to parties and picnics. Can be used to cut pastry to make pie toppers. Cut sliced bread into shapes to make fun sandwiches and cake sponge 

Metal cookie cutter with folded top edge

Sizes are approximate and taken from the widest/longest part of the cutter

Hand wash