Defender 4 x 4 - MINI embossed, engraved rolling pin for Cookies , Biscuits & Pastry

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Great rolling pin for Christmas gift. Make pretty cookies, biscuits and pastry pie toppers. You can even imprint the pattern on to icing which can then be used to decorate cakes.

Embossed design of Defender 4 x 4

Made from Polish beech wood from a sustainable source. The wood comes from a  managed forest where the biodiversity is protected.

The Embossed pattern is engraved at a depth which will give great results when rolling on pastry, dough or clay.

The pins are coated in a food safe oil. It preserves the wood and helps to stop the dough from sticking to the pin.

A care instruction leaflet is enclosed with each order to help you look after your pins and keep them in great condition.

From tip to tip they measure 23cm (9.1"), diameter 4.5cm (1.7"). The embossed area is 11.5cm (4.5")

As wood is a natural material there are sometimes small blemishes, these are perfectly normal. We check all of the pins and only the best are sent out.

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