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Fruit and Vegetable Cookie cutter

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 Apple Cookie cutter- 6.5cm (2.5")

 Banana Cookie cutter - 10cm (4")

 Carrot Cookie cutter - 8cm (3")

Carrot Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5")

Carrot small  Cookie cutter - 7.5cm (3")

Cherries Cookie cutter - 8cm (3") 

Chilli Pepper Cookie cutter- 8.5cm (3.25")

Grapes Cookie cutter - 9.5cm (3.5")

Mushroom Cookie cutter- 8 cm (3") 

Peach Cookie cutter - 8cm (3") 

Pear Cookie cutter - 9.5cm (3.5")            

Pineapple Cookie cutter - 8cm (3")  

Large Pineapple Cookie cutter - 13cm (5")

Strawberry Cookie cutter- 6.5cm (2.5")

Fruit shaped cookie cutter, biscuit cutter and pastry cutters. Make great cookies & biscuits for parties & gifts. Can cut pastry into shapes to decorate pies. Great to cut cake sponge to make interesting cakes. Also can be used to cut clay and similar craft materials.

Metal cookie cutter with folded top edge

Sizes are approximate

Hand wash