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Seaside Miniature Cookie cutters

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Crab mini Cookie cutter - 4.5cm (2")
Dolphin mini Cookie cutter -  4.5cm (2")
Fish mini Cookie cutter - 4cm (1.5")
Palm Tree mini Cookie cutter -  4cm ( 1.5")
Sailboat mini Cookie cutter - 4cm (1.5")
Sea Turtle mini Cookie cutter- 4cm (1.5")
Starfish mini Cookie cutter - 4cm (1.5")
Mini cookie cutter , mini biscuit cutter, sugar paste cutter. Great little cutters for mini cookies & biscuits or use for making decorations for Cupcakes, cakes and bakes.
Perfect for parties and celebrations
Mini Metal Sugar Paste & Cookie cutter with folded top edge
Sizes are approximate