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Valentines Day Cookie cutters

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Cupid Pink Cookie cutter Poly Resin Coated - 11cm (4.5")
Cupid Cookie cutter - 11cm (4.5") 
Diamond Ring Cookie cutter - 9.5cm (3.75")
Lips Cookie cutter - 8cm (3.5")
Lips Cookie cutter - 12cm (5)
Lips Red Cookie cutter Poly Resin coated - 8cm (3.5") 
LOVE Cookie cutter - 13.5cm (5.25")  
 Cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, pastry cutter. Make great Valentines cookies & biscuits. Can cut pastry to make pie toppers. Cut cake sponge to make heart shaped cakes or sliced bread to make extra special sandwiches. 
Metal cookie cutter with folded top edge
Sizes are approximate